Terms & Conditions: 

  1. General terms and conditions:

1.1 These rules govern the relationship between, on the one hand, Farcon LLC (hereinafter referred to as farconi.com.ge, the company or seller) and, on the other hand, users (hereinafter referred to as the buyer).

1.2 The administration of farconi.com.ge has the right to change the conditions at any time at its discretion and without any notice.

1.3  In case of using farconi.com.ge, the user agrees to the terms of this agreement and the company’s privacy policy. 

  1. Registration and authorization:

2.1 Both registered and non-registered customers can place an order.

2.2 When registering an account, the client is assigned a unique number, which can be credited from any Visa/MasterCard.

2.3. Registered users are required to strictly maintain the security and confidentiality of their account.

2.4 The Company is not responsible for the use of another person’s username and password without permission.


  1. Purchase and payment on the site:

3.1. Any individual or legal entity can place an order;

3.2. Our site accepts orders within 24 hours;

3.3. When purchasing a product, the buyer is obliged to provide reliable information so that the delivery is carried out to its exact addressee of the order.

3.4. Buyers have the option to pay in the following ways:

  • Plastic card;

3.5. Online payment is made through a secure payment system, which ensures the confidentiality of your information;

3.6. When ordering a product, the customer will receive an automatic confirmation by e-mail and SMS; 

  1. Delivery service:

4.1. farconi.com.ge undertakes to deliver the purchased goods to the buyer on time;

4.2. If it is impossible to fulfill the contract within the prescribed period, the seller informs the buyer about this and may offer an exchange of goods at an equivalent price;

4.3. In the event of a change in the delivery address, the customer is obliged to provide information in a timely manner;

4.4. Registered customers have the opportunity to call the courier from the order page in their personal account;

4.5. The client himself chooses the day of receipt of the goods when placing an order:

4.5.1. You can use express courier service in Tbilisi any day of the week: (Price 5 GEL)

  • Items ordered before 15:00 will be delivered the same day;
  • Items ordered after 15:00 you will receive the goods within 24 hours;

4.5.2. Express courier service is available in the regions every business day, delivery time: 1-3 business days (Price 7 GEL):

  • Items ordered before 12:00 pm will ship the same day;
  • Items ordered after 12:00 pm will ship within 24 hours;
  1. Confidentiality

When you use our online store, the personal information you provide is stored on a secure server that is only accessible to employees and customers when entering personal data.

The Company strictly protects the confidentiality of personal data and personal information and does not transfer it to third parties, except when the information is transferred from us to a courier company for the purpose of delivering a purchase, or as required by law.

  1. Return / replacement of goods

6.1 Return for any reason:

6.1.1. The buyer has the right to demand the return / exchange of goods for any reason within 5 calendar days after receiving the order, if:

  • The customer ensures the return of the goods to the warehouse farconi.com.ge within 5 calendar days at his own expense;
  • If the product is not used, not damaged, retains its original appearance;

6.2 Rules for reimbursement of transport services:

6.2.1. farconi.com.ge will reimburse the cost of returning the goods, in case:

  • The product is different from the product described/presented on the website;
  • The product is recognized as a manufacturing defect;

6.3 Refund:

6.3.1. The refund will be made in cash or by bank transfer no later than 48 hours after the return of the goods to the warehouse;

  1. Rights and obligations of the company:

7.1. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time at its sole discretion and without any notice;

7.2. farconi.com.ge reserves the right to provide relevant information to registered users via SMS or email;

7.3. The company undertakes to deliver the goods to the customer on the day of his choice or, if this is not possible, to notify the customer and offer a refund;

  1. Copyright:

8.1 All kinds of designs, text, graphics, if the photo posted on farconi.com.ge is copyrighted by Farcon LLC and it is strictly forbidden to transfer it to another site or use it in any other way.