Indications: used during respiratory system diseases, laryngitis, pleuritis, pneumonia, newly polluted wounds, burns, phlegmons, trophic ulcers, cervical erosions, pharyngolaryngectomy.

Contraindications: increased sensitivity to organic medicines.

Instructions for use: 2 tablespoons with leaves are poured with 200ml (1 cup) of hot water. Heat it for 30 minutes on a boiling-water bath. Afterwards cool and filter the infusion. Drain the water from the leaves. Fill the tincture with boiled water up to 200 ml.

Dosage: the tincture is for inhalation and external usage.

Prescription information: no prescription required.

Storage conditions: must be stored in a dry, cool, protected from light place. Tincture must be stored in a cool place no more than 48 hours.

Expiration time: 1 years

Net weight: 50 g±5%